Noontrepreneurs and Midnight Internet Marketing Shifts

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. Not only have I never been a morning person, but my expectations that rising early every morning would “get easier as I got older” have failed. I really do believe that some people(the minority of the world) are “programmed” to be awake, active, and altert and function best in the evening and night. Fortunately for us “night owls”, the internet and “technological revolution” is creating a shift from the traditional 9 to 5 workweek into a 24/7 work environment thanks(or no thanks depending on your feelings regarding this subject) to the internet and E-Commerce.

This shift will cause the merging(and balance) of one’s life outside of work with their work life. I believe we are in the midst of the great societal change in which we are shifting from a post-Industrial Revolution into a Technological Revolution is happening right now and that most people only view the negative aspects of this change instead of unlimited opportunity. Never before(that I am a aware of) could a 26 year old quit his job and start his own company with $500 to his name and actually compete with industry veterans! Now that I have my own business, I get to schedule my own hours by prioritizing my work and home responsibilities instead of compartmentalizing them.

I like to think of myself as a Noontrepreneur which is a person that has merged his work and personal life into one, allowing me to prioritize my responsibilities which gives me the opportunity(very rarely) to start my workday at Noon if I so choose. Unfortunately, this Tech Revolution is changing society at both an incredible fast and slow rate. As change is a scary thing for many people, the vast majority of the Private Sector, my clientele, still operates on a Nine to Five, Monday through Friday Schedule which means I have to work during those hours too.

So what about the night owls that don’t want to be Noontrepreneurs? With the world becoming smaller everyday, it is within the realm of possibility that night owls will have the opportunity to work “Graveyard Shifts” as Internet Marketers, especially when it comes to social media marketing and online reputation management. Whether or not these specific changes happen we are with a doubt in the midst of many huge changes, all of which present infinite opportunities for those  who choose to embrace it.

Please share your thoughts on my new buzzword/concept “Noontrepreneur” and the Technological Revolution.


Detroit Marketing and PR show custom designed WordPress site

We here at Detroit Marketing and PR are very proud of the work our graphic Designer Danny Ajini did on our custom WordPress Content Management System(CMS) Website,! is another Profitable Web Solutions LLC(Same company Detroit Marketing and PR is  under) and the site  is focused on connecting potential vacationers with Walloon Lake Cottage Owners, looking to fill occupant weeks.

Let Us know what you think of

I have to encourage everyone reading this to check out Detroit Marketing and PR Co-Owner/Head Designer’s portfolio website, and check out the man’s work and look for a Detroit Marketing and PR Portfolio coming to the website in the next few weeks!

Danny Ajini: Graphic/Web Design/Co-Owner Detroit Marketing and PR

Google Panda Update is a perfect example of why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is an Ongoing Process

Google announces  Panda update, Changing the Search Engine Optimization(SEO)Process Again

Google’s “Panda” is on the Attack…Again!

Earlier today Google announced via Twitter that a Panda Refresh is scheduled this Friday, something every SEO Consultant will be watching carefully. For those who don’t know, Google Panda is a change in Google’s Search Results Ranking Algorithm that was first released in February 2011. Ininitally, Panda reportedly affected the rankings of 12 percent of all search results(Billions of Web Pages!). Since Panda’s release, Google has been making more Algorithm changes in order to get closer to Larry Page’s vision of “Individualized Search”.

Google Panda Anti Spam

Earlier in 2012, Google Panda deployed an “Over-otimization penalty”

“As of the past few weeks, primarily in the months of February/March, Google updated Panda and stated that they are deploying an “over-optimization penalty,” in order to level the playing field. Numerous websites have been hit, and penalized, and many owners have received messages through Google webmaster tools, declaring their tactics are outside of google’s guidelines, and that they have an unnatural link velocity. The reference to query optimized, organic SEO still remains a debate to most of the webmasters”


SEO IS a Process that is never Finished

According to the Google Tweet today, “Panda data refresh started rolling out on Friday. Less than 1% of queries noticeably affected in the U.S. & 1% worldwide”. Unlike previous Google Algorithm’s Panda has the ability to affect full web sites, as opposed to previously only affecting individual pages within a web site. This means that the 1% of pages affected are going to have to do a complete SEO Strategy Restructure in order to obtain organic Search Engine Result Page Top Rankings based on the new Panda crtieria that will be released. This couldn’t be a more definitive example of how Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a Process, not something that can be perfected and completed, like many Business Owners Like to Think.

Detroit Marketing and PR Social Media Site of the Day: Pinterest

Detroit Marketing and PR Social Media Site of the Day: Pinterest

Detroit Marketing and PR Pinterest

Detroit Marketing and Public Relations is continuing with its Social Media Site of the Day. Today we are Featuring Pinterest, the virtual Pinboard that is quickly becoming one of the top sites on the web. If you haven’t used Pinterest yet, it is definately worth giving it a good look. Pinterest integrates with Facebook and Twitter which makes it its own Social Media site as well as an application within Facebook and Twitter.

The Following is an excerpt from Pinterest’s About Us Page

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Detroit Marketing and PR Social Media Site of the Day: Pinterest

 Pinterest Marketing is a Advertiser’s Dream

Pinterest is a marketing tool that is not to be ignored by most businesses. Any B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketing Campaign can almost surely benefit by having product pictures pinned and shared all over Pinterest which then gets shared on Facebook and Twitter. If a picture is worth a thousand words then Pinterest might be even more beneficial to some businesses then Twitter and Facebook. Check it out!

Press Release: Detroit Marketing and PR is Open For Business

Detroit Marketing and PR LLC is a full service Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency founded by Co-Owner’s Danny Ajini,a web developer, and Justin Christopher Todd, a Marketing Consultant.


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 16, 2012 – Detroit Marketing and Public Relations LLC is a full service Digital Marketing Agency providing profitable web solutions to businesses unique to the Metro Detroit area. The company was founded by Danny Ajini, a graphic and web developer, and Justin Christopher Todd, a Marketing Consultant experienced in both On and Offline Marketing. The idea to create Detroit Marketing and PR spawned from the idea that all too often many Web Agencies promise the world to a potential client, fail to deliver, and leave the client bitter towards the whole industry.

As mentioned Detroit Marketing and PR will provide a host of web solutions based around Custom Website and Graphic Development and Integrated Web and Traditional Marketing campaigns. Detroit Marketing and PR currently has a special in which they develop a custom WordPress website along with a custom Facebook Page to go with it. WordPress as a Content Management System(CMS) has proven to be very popular among business owners that want to frequently update their website on their own, without having to pay someone $100/hr to update the front page.

Detroit Marketing and PR values its reputation and will never accept a job for the sake of making money if the client does not stand to gain their at least their investment back. Through custom reporting on a case to case basis, Detroit Marketing and PR sets measurable goals with each client to make sure both groups are clear on the goals and purpose of the campaign.

Detroit Marketing and PR offers the following solutions:
Web Development
-Custom WordPress Content Management System(CMS) Website
-Custom Facebook Business Pages with “Like” Gates
-F-Commerce (Facebook Commerce) Webpages
-Web Marketing Plan Development
-Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
-Search Engine Management(SEM)/Pay-Per-Click(PPC)/Online Advertising
-Online Reputation Management(ORM)
-Public Relations 2.0 (PR)
-Social Media Marketing Management (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, etc)
-E-Commerce Product Photography and Videos
-Web Consulting and Coaching
-SEO Based Copy Writing
-Blog and Podcasting
-Anything else Web and E-Commerce related.

Please visit Detroit Marketing and PR LCC on the web at

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Detroit Marketing and PR is a full service Digital Marketing Agency providing Web Development and E-Marketing Solutions that provide businesses with the greatest Return On Investment(ROI)

Detroit Marketing and PR’s Social Media Website of the Day 4-16-2012 is the second Detroit Marketing and PR Social Media Website of the day. In case you missed the original SM Site of the Day, the title pretty much sums up what the daily posts will be about. Oh yeah…they will be brief and to the point…

Please let us know what you think of Would you use it? What would you do different? Let’s converse friends!

-Justin Christopher Todd
Co-CEO/Marketing Consultant
Detroit Marketing and Public Relations

Social Media Site of the Day:

Detroit Marketing and PR has decided to start a Social Media Site of the Day posting to share one of the tens of thousands Social Media sites in existence. Please feel free to share with us your new favorite Social Networking website if you are OK with letting the rest of the Detroit Marketing community in on your secret find(You can still claim you were on it first!).

Congrats to for being selected as the very first Detroit Marketing and PR Blog’s Social Media Site of the Day! SurveyMonke offers users an effective tool for creating online surveys. Users are able to customize and design their surveys by choosing from numerous question options and are provided the option to “require answers to any question, control the flow with custom skip logic, and gives administrators the option to randomize answer choices to eliminate bias.”

Survey Monkey offers creative control over the appearance of the surveys, allows users to upload logos for brand recognition, determine the collection method, send a survey invitation, track and manage results, and download summaries.

Recently, SurveyMonkey has teamed up with Mail Chimp (I mean who else could be a better match?) to provide a higher level of funtionality to create email campaigns, manage lists, and offer additional tracking and analytic tools.